100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (2024)

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (1)

Small but mighty, the UK has a host of epic and exciting spots to explore. From ancient ruins to picturesque scenery to delicious food, this little island has it all. If you’re looking for some inspiration to add to your UK bucket list, you’re certainly in the right place!

This is the ultimate UK bucket list, including 100 of the coolest things to do in the United Kingdom. To help you navigate the list a little easier, I’ve split it into 8 sections: London, the Midlands, the South East, the South West, Northern England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

I get it, 100 is a lot. So, if you’re in a rush, here are my top 3 spots for the different areas of the UK – the ones you absolutely have to add to your UK bucket list.

Top 3 UK Bucket List for Those in a Rush

  1. West End Show
  2. Warner Bros. Studios
  3. Winter Wonderland
  1. Stratford Upon Avon
  2. National Space Centre
  3. Peak District
South East:
  1. Durdle Door
  2. Windsor Castle
  3. Brighton
South West:
  1. Minnack Theatre
  2. Cheddar Gorge
  3. The Cotswolds
Northern England:
  1. Beatles Tour in Liverpool
  2. The Lake District
  3. York’s Shambles
  1. North Coast 500
  2. Edinburgh Fringe
  3. Isle of Skye Fairy Pools
  1. Fastest Zipline in the World
  2. Smallest House in the UK
  3. Portmeirion
Northern Ireland:
  1. Giant’s Causeway
  2. Carrick a Rede
  3. The Dark Hedges

But for those who really want to get into the meat of it and see everything that the UK has to offer, buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a long ride – here’s the top 100 UK bucket list items you’ve been waiting for:

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Ultimate London Bucket List

I’ve made a whole blogpost dedicated to the best things to do in London and another one dedicated to free things to do in London, so make sure to check them out if you’re planning a trip!

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1. Tour Westminster Abbey

Visit this sprawling abbey in the centre of London and see where numerous members of the royal family have tied the knot! Westminster Abbey’s gothic design is a sight to behold and its walls are home to plenty of history. Whilst you’re in the area, don’t forget to grab a photo with Big Ben – another iconic London spot! Check out the official website to book tickets and find out more: https://www.westminster-abbey.org/visit-us/plan-your-visit

Address: The Chapter Office, Westminster Abbey, 20 Dean’s Yard, Lonon, SW1P 3PA

Nearest Tube Station: Westminster (Jubilee, District & Circle Lines) or St. James’ Park (District & Circles Lines)

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2. Walk Over Tower Bridge

Another of London’s most iconic spots is Tower Bridge. Not only has the bridge been standing for over a century, it also makes a great spot for those all-important Instagram photos! Built with giant moveable roads that are able to lift for passing ships, the bridge is considered to be somewhat of an engineering miracle.

Just don’t make the mistake of calling it London Bridge – that’s how locals can spot a tourist!

If you’re planning a trip to London, don’t forget to check out my Ultimate London Bucket List!

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3. Gaze at the Crown Jewels

Since the 1600s, the Crown Jewels have been stored in the Tower of London, and nowadays they’re open for viewing to the public.

These bad boys will dazzle even the most disinterested tourist. The Imperial State Crown, for example, contains 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 259 pearls, and 4 rubies! And beyond their incredible beauty and craftmanship, they represent a great deal of history and tradition.

In my 17 Best Castles Near London blogpost, I’ve written all about visiting the Tower of London, including top tips for a successful trip and how to get there.

What to Look Out For:
  • St Edward’s Crown: the most important of the crowns, made of solid gold
  • The Sovereign’s Orb: symbolises the Christian world
  • Jewelled Sword: presented to the new monarch to help them protect good and punish evil
  • Imperial State Crown: the crown the monarch wears this as they leave Westminster Abbey after the coronation, and also at the Opening of Parliament
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4. Eat Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon

There’s few things more classically British than watching the tennis at Wimbledon. Each summer, viewers flock to watch the world’s greatest players compete for the top spot.

Getting tickets for the Wimbledon Championships is no mean feat. Generally you have to apply through the public ballot, which opens around the beginning of September. You should hear back around February time with an offer letter (if you’re lucky!) and you’ll have a set amount of time to pay for the tickets. The prices vary hugely depending on the court and day you’ve managed to get.

There will also be some tickets available through Ticketmaster but not many, so you’ll need to act quickly! Alternatively you could try for one of the limited number of seats for Number 1 and 2 Courts that are sold on the day. That’ll involve some serious commitment though, as you’ll likely have to arrive the night before and camp to even get a look in!

Top Tips for Visiting Wimbledon:
  • Pack sunscreen, a water bottle and a hat!
  • Check the weather before hand and wear layers
  • Treat yourself to a glass of Pimms and some strawberries and cream, if you’re feeling really traditional!
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5. Attend Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is an absolute must for your UK Bucket List. Once a year, on the last weekend of August, the streets of Notting Hill are filled with a Caribbean festival of music, dancing, and colour. Watch as costumed performers parade through the streets to the beat of the music and enjoy the party!

When the event first began, only 500 people attended. It’s now become the largest street festival in Europe and generally includes around 50,000 performers in the parade. And that’s not counting the spectators! That being said, there are a few things you should keep in mind when visiting the carnival…

Top Tips for Attending Notting Hill Carnival:
  • Beware of pickpockets!
  • Drink responsibly
  • Stay hydrated and make sure to use sunscreen
  • Arrange a meeting point with your friends in case anyone gets lost
  • Use public transport to arrive as many of the roads are closed for the carnival
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6. Enjoy the Magic at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Any Harry Potter fan worth their salt needs to add the Warner Bros. Studio Tour to their UK Bucket List! This incredible museum offers a behind the scenes look at the making of the Harry Potter movies. You can expect to see hundreds of props, costumes, movie sets and more.

Walk past Snape’s potion class, take a peak into the Dursley’s front room, board the Hogwarts Express, and so much more.

There’s something immensely magical about seeing all of your childhood dreams in the flesh – from gazing into the Mirror of Erised to trying a glass of the infamous butter beer. I’ve now visited 3 times and, since they’re always adding new parts, it never gets old.

Top Tips for Visiting Warner Bros. Studio Tour:
  • Book in advance – tickets get booked up incredible quickly
  • Visit during the festive period to see Hogwarts dressed up for Christmas
  • Go easy on the souvenirs – they’re super pricey and it’s easy to get carried away by the magic!
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7. Watch a Play at the Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is a reconstruction of the original theatre for which William Shakespeare wrote his plays. The original was destroyed by the Great Fire of London but the reconstruction does an excellent job of bringing an Elizabethan playhouse to life!

There are few places more exciting to see a play than on the banks of the Thames. It can also be surprisingly affordable! Standing tickets are only £5! Alternatively, you can pay a little extra for the luxury of a seat. The plays at the Globe are always excellent and great value for money either way.

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8. Enjoy the Weird and Wonderful World of Camden Market

I lived in Camden for my first year at University and fell in love with it. The main road on the way to the market is full of weird and wonderful people and things. You’ll find big pieces of 3D artwork protruding out of buildings as the mad hatter sits for his tea party on the street below.

Camden Market has everything – jewellery, vintage clothing, records, and food! It’s one of my favourite spots to grab something delicious to eat whenever I’m in London. Here are some of my personal recommendations:

  • Young Vegans – amazing pie and mash
  • Oli Babas – for the halloumi fries you’ve seen all over instagarm
  • Naked Dough – a huge range of delicious cookie dough

I’ve written a whole blogpost about the Best Street Food Markets in London!

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9. Watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

The Changing of the Guard is a formal ceremony that takes place at Buckingham Palace every other day. The group of soldiers protecting the castle (the ones in red suits and big bearskin hats) are replaced by a new group during the ceremony.

It takes at 10:30am and is free to watch.

To check when it’s on, make sure to check out the official website.

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10. Eat the Best Food in Chinatown

Chinatown is an absolute must for your UK bucket list. Whilst you’ll find them all over the UK, the best is without a doubt to be found in the heart of London’s West End. It’s easy to spot with it’s ornate gates and hanging lanterns (which also make for the perfect photo spot!)

Of course the best time to visit is during Chinese New Year where you’ll find this area really comes to life. There are plenty of parades and events going on to celebrate traditional Chinese culture.

Best Places to Eat in Chinatown:
  • Cafe TPT
  • Jen Cafe
  • Four Seasons
  • Joy Luck Restaurant
For Something Sweet:
  • Tsujiri – for some delicious matcha desserts
  • Yolkin – ice cream sandwiched between macarons, yes please!
  • Bake – for those famous fish-shaped waffles
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11. Watch a West End Show

London’s West End is awash with incredible theatre. From heart-wrenching plays to hilarious comedies to fantastic musicals – it really has it all.

There’s plenty to choose from, so I’d recommend researching what interests you the most. If you’re looking for some recommendations, however, I wholeheartedly suggest checking out the following:

  • Wicked at the Apollo Victoria
  • Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre
  • The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre
  • The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre
  • Motown at the Shaftesbury Theatre
  • The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre
How to Get Cheap Tickets:
  • Use the Fever app – I used to use this all the time as a student
  • Visit the TKTs booth in Leicester Square – it offers discounted theatre tickets on the day of the show. Make sure to get there early!
  • See a matinee performance – these tend to be less oversubscribed, making tickets significantly cheaper

12. Tour Churchill’s War Rooms

One of the lesser known attractions in London, Churchill’s War Rooms definitely deserves more attention! This underground complex in central London housed a government command centre during the Second World War and has since been preserved as a museum for members of the public.

It’s truly like stepping back in time and getting a glimpse behind the scenes of the World War 2 era. The complex even includes Churchill’s bedroom, where he’d go for his infamous afternoon nap.

I actually took my mum here when she came to visit me at University once and we were both surprised at just how much we enjoyed it!

You can purchase tickets online at the official website.

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13. Sleepover in the Natural History Museum

The coolest sleepover ever?!

Sleeping in the iconic Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum is the perfect time to live out your own version of Night at the Museum. This has to be one of the most unique things you can do in London and offers a new perspective on a familiar place.

You’ll need to be quick to get your hands on a ticket though, as they sell out fast! There’s plenty of activities included and even a three-course dinner and cooked breakfast!

What to Bring for the Sleepover:
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Torch
  • Water Bottle
  • Portable Charger
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14. Visit 221B Baker Street

Perhaps the most well-known address in the history of literature, 221B Baker Street now hosts The Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes lived here between 1881 and 1904 and the place now pays homage to him for tourists from around the globe. The Georgian townhouse is protected for its cultural heritage and even has its own blue plaque.

Decorated with authentic Victorian furniture, the place does an excellent job of transporting you to the late 1800s and conjures up many a weird and wonderful case that Holmes might have taken under his charge. The museums also contains the largest collection of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia in the world. And don’t get me started on the gift shop!

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15. Walk the O2 Arena

If you’re looking for some thrills (as well as some killer views), climbing the O2 Arena is a must for your UK bucket list.

Choose from Daytime, Sunset, and Twlilight Climbs to catch the perfect backdrop of the London skyline. Either way you’ll get epic 360 degree views of Canary Wharf, the Olympic Park, and Greenwich.

Things to Know Before Climbing the O2:
  • Bring socks for the safety shoes
  • You can only take a phone or small camera up with you – no backpacks!
  • They have lockers on site to keep your bags safe
  • Pay attention to the safety briefing at the beginning!
  • If it’s cold, you might be given a snazzy boiler suit to keep you warm

16. Take Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason

Founded in 1707, Fortnum and Mason have one of the most famous food halls in the world and are the place to be for luxury. They even hold a Royal Warrant, a mark given to companies who have supplied goods or services to the royal households for at least 5 years and who have an ongoing trade arrangement.

Queen Elizabeth herself opened their Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. And if it’s good enough for Lizzie, it’s good enough for us!

I’ve visited for afternoon tea twice now and it’s never disappointed me. The sandwiches are delicate and delicious, and the tea is some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Top Tips for Aftenoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason:
  • Book in advance – it can get very busy, particularly in the summer
  • Dress appropriately – whilst you can wear casual clothing, it’s nice to treat the setting with the traditional formality
  • Ask for a to-go box – you can always ask for more food at no extra cost. Make sure to pack some in a box if you can’t finish it!
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17. Ride the London Eye

If you want to ride the most epic and famous big wheel in the UK, you have to add the London Eye to your UK bucket list. It’s Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK!

At 443 feet tall, it was once the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. It’s since been taken over by a few others. But despite losing that particular claim to fame, it still provides some of the best views in the city.

If you’re feeling really fancy, you can even have a 3 course evening meal in one of the pods!

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18. Have a Picnic in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is definitely the most famous of London’s Parks. It was acquired by Henry VIII in 1536 and remained a private hunting ground for many years. During the Great Plague, many London citizens fled to the park to escape the disease, and in 1851, it held the Great Exhibition.

Nowadays it’s a popular spot amongst the public. Its sprawling greenery and numerous features make it the perfect place to explore on a sunny day. You’ll almost forget you’re in the centre of a thriving city.

If you’re looking for a place to spend the afternoon with some pals and a picnic, then look no further!

Best Spots in Hyde Park:
  • Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain – a beautiful, man-made, granite fountain that resembles a flowing river
  • Speakers’ Corner – a traditional site for public speeches and debates. You’ll still find all sorts of people making speeches here everyday!
  • The Rose Garden – a beautiful garden filled with 2 impressive fountains and a pergola

19. Cross Abbey Road

This street in North London became one of the most famous roads in the world after the Beatles featured it on their album cover. They visited Abbey Road Recording Studios in April 1969. Now people from all over the world take to the infamous zebra crossing to recreate that iconic shot.

And The Beatles aren’t the only ones who’ve recorded at Abbey Road. The studios have also housed Pink Floyd, Adele, Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and many more.

In fact, both the studios and the zebra crossing are now Grade II listed!

Top Tip: it’s a busy and well-used road so try to get there early for the perfect shot!

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20. Visit the Most Colourful Spot in London: Neal’s Yard

Tourists are often keen to visit the beautiful Covent Garden, only to spend most of their time in the main square without taking in the surrounding area. They’re seriously missing out because just five minutes walk away is the beautiful Neal’s Yard.

Neal’s Yard is a small, unassuming alleyway that opens up into a colourful courtyard. All of the buildings are painted in rainbow colours, making it one of the brightest spots in London.

Things to Do in Neal’s Yard:
  • Homeslice – amazing 20 inch pizzas for £20, take a friend and share one for a cheap but tasty lunch
  • St. John Bakery – the most amazing doughnuts in London!
  • Wild Food Cafe – plant-based restaurant with amazing raw desserts!
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21. Get Festive at Winter Wonderland

Each year, Hyde Park hosts an incredible Christmas festival, filled with rides, bars, ice skating, and more! It’s the perfect place to get into the festive spirit and act like a big kid at Christmas.

It’s completely free to enter. Instead you choose what to spend your money on inside. Maybe you love roller coasters and want to scream until you lose your voice. Maybe you just want to drown yourself in mulled wine with your mates. Whatever it is, you’re bound to find it here.

There are certain attractions that do require pre-booking. The most popular of these is the ice skating rink, so make sure to check online beforehand.

Winter Wonderland Recommendations:
  • Ice skating – skate to some Christmas tunes to get in the festive spirit
  • Haunted House – not for those easily spooked!
  • Big Wheel – for amazing views over London
  • co*cktails at the Ice Bar – this also requires pre-booking!
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22. Witness Greatness at Wembley Stadium

With 90,000 seats, Wembley Stadium is the largest stadium in the UK and the second largest in Europe. History has been made multiple times here and it definitely gives you a chill to feel the energy of tens of thousands of people surrounding you.

If you’re not into football though, don’t worry! You can get the exact same experience by catching a concert here. It’s a popular venue with a seriously impressive list of acts that have graced its grounds, including Madonna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, One Direction, Oasis, and many more. The energy is electric and really can’t be beaten – go add this to your UK bucket list immediately!

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23. Visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace in the Pretty Town of Stratford Upon Avon

As a native of this sweet little town in Warwickshire, I know just how popular of a tourist destination it is. In fact, I spent my summers home from university working in the gift shop of Shakespeare’s Birthplace. And boy, were we busy!

For such a small place, there’s a huge amount to do. Of course, the most obvious spot is the birthplace of the most famous writer who ever lived. But there are also 4 other properties owned by the Birthplace Trust, including the homes of both Shakespeare’s wife and mother. Each house is really interactive and the team have done a great job of bringing the history to life.

You’ll also find the Royal Shakespeare Company here (also known as the RSC). This world renowned theatre puts on fantastic performances of Shakespeares’s plays. I’d highly recommend getting a ticket if you’re staying in Stratford for the night. I’ve seen many over the years and they’ve all been incredible.

There are also a few non-Shakespeare activities in the town (although that’s obviously the biggest draw!). There’s the MAD Museum, the Butterfly Farm, and you can always go rowing on the river.

Top Tips for Visiting Stratford Upon Avon
  • Purchase a multi-house ticket: if you want to visit more than one of the houses as it works out significantly cheaper
  • Arrive early to find parking: there’s not a lot in the town and it fills up quickly
  • Book your tickets in advance: to avoid queuing in the busy summer months
  • Get some delicious Gelato from Hoorays!

24. Eat Your Bodyweight in Chocolate at Cadbury World

Cadbury World is an absolute must for chocaholics (like myself). Here you can tour the factory and learn all there is to know about the process of making chocolate.

The tour starts with a bit of an interactive history lesson, exploring the Aztecs and their love of chocolate and how Cadburys came to be what it is today. Next you’ll find out how the chocolate is made, before moving onto the Bourneville experience, where you’ll take a trip down memory lane. Here you’ll find Cadbury’s adverts through the ages.

At the end of the tour, you’ll find yourself in the gift shop. Here you can buy anything and everything Cadbury related, from tea towels to mugs to the delicious chocolate they’re so famous for.

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25. Step Back in Time at Warwick Castle

In the small but sweet town of Warwick lies one of the top tourist attractions in the UK – Warwick Castle!

This medieval castle was built byWilliam the Conquererin 1068. The original wooden structure was later rebuilt in stone and underwent a number of other changes over the years. Most notably, it became a major tourist attraction after being sold by the Greville family in 1978.

They’ve done an excellent job at creating a fun and interactive experience with plenty of things to keep you busy…

Best Things to Do at Warwick Castle:
  • Watch the birds of prey display
  • See some medieval archery
  • Visit the castle dungeon
  • Watch the trebuchet – a medieval weapon!
  • Get lost in the Horrible Histories Maze
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26. Get Festive at Birmingham’s Christmas Market

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market is the largest authentic German market outside of Germany and Austria. In November each year the city comes alive with golden lights and the scent of mulled wine. Birmingham goes all out with its Christmas decorations, from the twinkling baubles to a full-blown carousel! It’s the perfect place to be if you’re hoping to get into the festive spirit.

Best Things to Do at Birmingham’s Christmas Market:
  • Try a traditional bratwurst
  • Follow it up with some delicious crepes
  • Take a ride on the carousel
  • See the singing moose (Chris Moose) – a legend at the Birmingham Christmas Market!
  • Indulge in some fragrant mulled wine
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27. Step Back in Time at the Black Country Museum

This immersive, open air museum is a must for your UK Bucket List. Set across 26 acres and telling the story of industrialised Britain, the Black Country museum has a whole town set up to transport you back in time. Watch as history unfurls right before your eyes and have fun exploring the various streets and buildings.

Things to Do at the Black Country Museum:
  • Ride on an old-school bus
  • Play old-fashioned games in the streets
  • Try traditional food at the baker’s, sweet shop, and fish and chip shop
  • Learn about the strange treatments once used in the UK at the chemist
  • Take a lesson in the school house

28. Play Astronaut at the National Space Centre

The National Space Centre in Leicester doesn’t get nearly as much hype as it deserves. It’s one of the most interactive museums in the UK, with plenty to keep you entertained for the day.

Learn what it’s really like to be an astronaut in a fun and exciting environment. Film your own weather clips, get a photo in a space suit, and have a go at using some seriously cool space equipment.

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29. Hike the Glorious Peak District

The Peak District is one of the most beautiful places in England and definitely deserves its spot on your UK bucket list. As one of the UK’s 15 National Parks, there’s plenty of natural beauty to be found here (as well as a healthy dose of adventure!).

The Peak District is also an extremely popular filming location. It’s acted as the backdrop for numerous blockbusters including Pride and Prejudice, Mary Queen of Scots, and The Other Boleyn Girl.

Best Things to Do in the Peak District:
  • Go caving
  • Climb Mam Tor
  • Get spectacular views from Winnats Pass
  • Visit the beautiful Chatsworth House
  • Cross the stepping stones at Dovedale
  • Explore Hope Valley
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30. Explore the Norfolk Broads

Another National Park, the Norfolk Broads are frequently overlooked. Don’t let that put you off though! They’re a seriously peaceful place to spend your weekend.

The Broads are a network of waterways which flow through Norfolk and Suffolk. The best way to experience them is by boat. You can either take a tour or arrange for a self-drive experience, depending on your own personal preference. Of course, driving your own boat gives you more flexibility in terms of how you’d like to spend your day.

31. Feel the Adrenaline at Alton Towers

This theme park in Staffordshire is the ultimate place to let loose and have some fun when you’re in the Midlands. From epic rides to amazing rapids, Alton Towers has everything a thrill seeker could want. They also have a waterpark and spa on site, so you could spend the whole weekend here living your best life.

Make sure to check out the Rollercoaster Restaurant. Here your food is delivered to your table via a rollercoaster track!

Top Tip: it works out cheaper to buy your tickets in advance online!

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32. Go Punting in Cambridge

There are few things more quintessentially British than a punt on the river Cam in Cambridge. A trip to the city really isn’t complete without it.

As the river flows around the back of the colleges, it offers a unique perspective that you’d otherwise miss on foot. Along your way, you’ll see a number of impressive buildings belonging to the University of Cambridge, as well as some of the bridges the city is known for. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Mathematical Bridge (an old wooden foot bridge) and the Bridge of Sighs (named after the iconic Venice structure).

I’ve written a whole blogpost of the best things to do in Cambridge, which has a host more information, including the best places to eat!

Top Tips for Punting in Cambridge:
  • You can hire punting boats from Scudamores, which can easily be found by the river
  • If you don’t feel confident in your own punting abilities, you can hire a punter at Scudamores
  • To save money, hop aboard a group punting tour
  • Check out this ‘How to Punt Guide’, if you’re feeling confident
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33. Drive the Silverstone Race Track

Silverstone Circuit is the current home of the British Grand Prix, where thousands of people come to watch the world’s best racers battle it out. There’s no quicker way to feel like a badass than attending one of their driving experiences. Walk (or drive!) in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton and race one of their supercars on the UK’s only Formula 1 track!

There’s no speed limits and you’ll have a fully qualified pro instructor to help you out!

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34. Visit the Beautiful City of Oxford

Best known for its university, the city is filled with plenty of picturesque colleges and quaint side streets. Consider taking a tour of one of the colleges to see what could have been (Magdalene is one of my favourites with its impressive deer park) or visit thesecond-largest library in the UK(the Bodleian). If you want to see the city through a local’s eyes, try awalking tour led by an Oxford graduate.

Oxford is the perfect London day trip forfans of Harry Potter.You’ll find a number of filming locations in the city.Duke Humfrey’s Librarywas filmed for the Hogwarts library scenes.Bodley Tower Staircasesdon’t move but are still pretty magical. And you’ll definitely recognise theDivinity School and New College Cloisters!Why not sign on to aHarry Potter Walking Tour?


35. See the White Cliffs of Dover

Dover’s iconic white cliffs are a must for your UK bucket list. It’s one of the most spectacular natural formations in the country. People come from all over to catch a glimpse of the stunning 350 foot cliff face and the lapping coastline below.

The small coastal town of Dover isn’t anything too special. So once you’ve arrived at the train station, head straight for the cliffs to catch a bit of the magic. From the town, simply walk to the beach and follow the footpath to get a view of the cliffs.

Alternatively, you could always drive and park at the visitor’s centre, which are handily located right next to the footpath. You can find a map here.

Whilst in Dover, you could also check out Dover Castle. It’s one of the oldest castles in the UK, dating back to the 12th century, and has an intriguing history. It even has its own bunker escape room, as well as underground tunnels from World War 2!

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (31)

36. Release Your Inner Child on Brighton Pier

The lively, cosmopolitan city of Brighton makes for one of the best city breaks in the UK. It’s unique, creative atmosphere, accompanied by its location on the coast, makes it the ultimate destination.

Its iconic pier lights up the beach walk and provides a healthy dose of nostalgia for adults looking to unleash their inner child. Hop on the old-fashioned helter skelter tower or brave the turbo coaster. Once you’ve had your adrenaline fix, head to the palace of fun to play on the arcade classics.

Top Tips for Visiting Brighton Pier:
  • Visit during the Summer for best weather and a lively, buzzing atmosphere
  • Opt for Spring, if you prefer to avoid heavy crowds
  • Catch a train into Brighton to avoid having to worry about parking. The train station is very central (although a bit of an uphill climb!)
Other Things to Do in Brighton:
  • Go Shopping in the Lanes
  • Visit the Royal Pavilion
  • Hang out on the Pebbled Beach
  • Visit one of the Amazing Restaurants and Bars in the City
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (32)

37. Tour Windsor Castle

Windsor came top of the class in my blogpost of the 17 Best Fairytale Castles Near London, so it had to take a spot on this post too.

As one of the queen’s royal residences, Windsor Castle is perhaps the most famous castle in England. The building is around 900 years old and is the largest inhabited castle in the world.

Not only is it seriously beautiful, there’s also lots to see and do:

  • Watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony
  • Take a self-guided tour of the State Apartments and St. George’s Chapel (where Harry and Meghan were married!)
  • Check out Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House – the largest and most most famous dolls’ house in the world. It even includes a fully stocked wine cellar and running hot water!
Top Tips for Visiting Windsor Castle:
  • Book your tickets in advance to avoid the long queues
  • Although the castle is open for most of the year, certain parts are only open seasonally e.g. the Round Tower is only open during the summer months, so bear this in mind when planning your trip!
  • Be at the castle for 11am to see the changing of the guard
  • Don’t take photographs in the State Apartments or St. George’s Chapel – it’s not allowed!
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (33)

38. Visit Durdle Door

Durdle Door sits on the stunning Jurassic Coast in Dorset. The natural limestone arch has become a popular photography spot over the years, due to its unique and impressive look.

Over thousands of years, an archway formed in the rock as waves eroded the limestone to create a hole. This unusual structure in the sea definitely deserves a visit and is a must for your UK bucket list. The Jurassic Coast was England’s first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you know it’s a goodie.

Start at the top of the cliffs for epic views over the water before making your way down to the beach for a delicious picnic in the sunshine.

Top Tips for Visiting Durdle Door:
  • Visit during the summer to get the best weather as you’ll be outside the entire time
  • Consider hiking from Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove (about 45 minutes)
  • Take heed of safety warnings due to weather or erosion
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (34)

39. Try Oysters in Whitstable

The lovely seaside town of Whitstable is known for its fantastic fresh seafood, meaning there’s no better place to give oysters a go! The pink facade of Wheelers Oyster Bar is always a crowd pleaser, and one of the many places you can go to try the oysters that Whitstable is famous for!

There are also plenty of lovely little independent shops in the town to keep you occupied. My personal favourite is Harbour Books!

40. Visit Winchester

Thisbeautiful little cityin Hampshire is full of history. Its romantic streets are full ofbeautiful old buildings,and you’ll find a mix of fine dining and classic English pubs.

The Anglo-Saxon Cathedral is astand-out spotin the city, with its impressive high ceilings and colourful stained glass windows. It’s also theburial ground of Jane Austen,who lived nearby. Her home is a 50 minute bus ride from central Winchester on thenumber 64from The Broadway and is a must-visit for bibliophiles.


41. Discover Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace can be found in the town of Woodstock, just outside Oxford. Built in theEnglish Baroque style, it’s one of the most beautiful palaces in the UK, and was most notably the birthplace andhome of former war-time Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Besides the beautiful architecture, the best thing about Blenheim Palace is that there’s plenty to see and do. Theopulent palace state roomsare a must-visit with their gilded ceilings and impressive frescoes. The formal gardens andMarlborough Mazeare the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon, or you can check out one of their many exhibits.

You may recognise Blenheim Palace, as it’s apopular filming locationsfor both television and film, and has been featured in Hollywood hits, such as:

  • The Avengers
  • Spectre 007
  • Cinderella
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Mission Impossible
  • Dolittle
  • The BFG Movie
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (35)

42. Explore the Historic City of Canterbury

The historic centre of Canterbury, in Kent, is actually aUNESCO World Heritage Site.Its beautiful Cathedral has made it a popular Pilgrim site for hundreds of years (ever readChaucer’s Canterbury Tales?!). Needless to say, the city is filled with unique buildings and an interesting history.

Of course, the Cathedral is amust-visitbut make sure to check out some of the other tourist sites in the city. The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge sits in a beautifulGrade II listed buildingand acts as the central museum, library, and art gallery for Canterbury.

There’s also the Canterbury Roman Museum, which houses a variety of Roman artefacts, including a Roman pavement and the remains of aRoman courtyard house.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (36)

43. Visit the Real Downton Abbey

Highclere Castle is a Grade I listed country house in Hampshire, best known for its part inDownton Abbey.Its grandeur, celeb status, and intriguing history make it a must for your UK bucket list. Much like in Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle was converted into ahospital for wounded soldiers during the First World War.Throughout the Second World War, it also housed evacuees from London.

It’s amust-visit, whether you’re a fan of the show or not. Visitors can see theopulent library, saloon, drawing room, and a number of the bedrooms– all decked to the nines.

44. Marvel at the Margate Shell Grotto

Discovered in 1835, the Shell Grotto is a 30 metre tunnel decorated with an elaborate mosaic of shells. The place is a complete mystery. No one knows why or how it came to be. It’s certainly very impressive though and definitely worth a visit. Rumour has it, there are over 4.6 million shells in the tunnel!

Other Things to Do in Margate:
  • Turner Contemporary Gallery
  • Dreamland Amusem*nt Park
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (37)
45. Explore the Isle of Wight

This island off the south coast of England is known for its beaches and fossils. It makes for a great day trip from Southampton, or even a lovely weekend spot. Spend some time relaxing on the beach or visiting one of the many attractions that this beautiful island has to offer.

Make sure to check out the Needles – three large, white chalk rocks erupting from the sea. One of the best ways to get a great view of then is by taking the chairlift down to the beach!

Best Things to Do in the Isle of Wight:
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (38)

46. Pretend You’re in Provence at a Lavender Field

Between June and August, multiple lavender fields across the country come alive with these fragrant purple flowers. On a sunny summer’s day, one could easily be forgiven for thinking they’d stepped into a French fairytale. The majority of these fields can be found in the South of England, although you will find the odd one or two as your travel up the country.

Here are some recommendations for the best Lavender fields in the UK:

  • Cotswolds Lavender in Snowshill
  • Castle Farm Lavender in Seven Oaks
  • Mayfield Lavender in Surrey
  • Somerset Lavender in Faulkland
  • Hitchin Lavender in Ickleford
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (39)

47. Watch a Performance at the Minack Theatre

The Minack Theatre is an open-air theatre in Cornwall, near Land’s End. It without a doubt has to be one of the most unique spaces in the UK. Carved into the rocky granite of the coastline, the theatre looks out onto the stunning blue waters of Porthcurno. Photos can’t even do this place justice.

From Easter to September, a variety of different theatre companies use the space to perform. Attending one such performance has to be the most magical and unique ways to watch a play.

If you’re visiting in the off-season, it’s definitely still worth a visit to take a look around the place. You can grab a coffee or hot chocolate from the kiosk to keep you warm whilst you make your way around the theatre. Tickets can be purchased online.

Top Tips for Visiting the Minack Theatre:
  • Dress appropriately: the space is completely uncovered and at the whim of the natural elements, so check weather forecasts and dress appropriately with layers
  • Hire a cushion: the seats are carved from stone and sitting on them for long periods of time can become uncomfortable!
  • Performances are only cancelled in extreme conditions, so only book if you’re prepared to watch in the rain!
  • Bring a raincoat: umbrellas aren’t permitted as the obstruct the view for other audience members
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (40)

48. See the Amazing Views from Cheddar Gorge

This limestone gorge in Somerset offers some of the most epic views in the UK. It’s the perfect place to go for a hike.

If you’re looking for that iconic photograph looking down at the road from the top of the gorge, you’ll want to opt for the clifftop walk. This is a 3 mile circular route accessible via Jacob’s Ladder, which you’ll need to buy a ticket to climb.

I’d personally recommend you avoid purchasing the Cheddar Gorge and Caves Explorer Ticket. The general consensus seems to be that it’s overpriced and not hugely worthwhile! Instead, follow this National Trust Walking Route. It still provides amazing views and is much easier on the pocket!

Top Tips for Visiting Cheddar Gorge
  • Wear appropriate footwear: it’s quite a steep climb so a pair of walking boots are your best option
  • Try some cheese: you can’t visit Cheddar without giving the eponymous cheese a go. The caves in this area have the ideal temperature and humidity for maturing cheese!
  • Keep dogs on a lead

49. Visit the Prettiest Village in England (Castle Combe)

If you’re looking for the ultimate in quaint, quintessentially English villages, then Castle Combe is for you. This beautiful spot in the South of Cotswolds (not far from Bath), will quickly steal your heart.

You might recognise its pretty streets from you television screen, as it’s been a popular filming location for blockbusters like ‘Stardust’ and ‘War Horse’. Or perhaps you’ve seen it on the smaller screen you keep in your pocket, as its bridge has become quite the icon on Instagram.

To find this famed photo app, head straight through the centre of the village, downhill towards a stream. At the bottom you’ll find that perfect view, as well as a few benches to watch the world go by.

Top Tips for Visiting Castle Combe:
  • There’s a car park at the top of the hill before you reach the village
  • On less busy days however, you’ll likely find free parking on the side of the road as you go down the hill towards the village
  • Visit during the winter or autumn – that way you’ll get a snowy landscape or perfect amber hues for your photo!
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (41)

50. Take Part in the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

The stones at Stonehenge were carefully placed to align with the movements of the sun. This means that on the summer solstice, the sun rises behind the Heel Stone and into the heart of the stone circle.

Every year, about 10,000 people gather at the monument to celebrate the start of the longest day of the year. You’ll find all sorts of weird and wonderful individuals enjoying the festivities. Modern Pagan and Druid groups come to worship at this iconic spot. You’ll likely find people dancing around the stones holding hands, or even hugging them!

It’s certainly a unique experience that you’ll never forget!

Top Tips for Visiting the Summer Solstice:
  • This is one of the only time of years when visiting is free!
  • Stay overnight in Salisbury (the nearest main town with a well-connected train station)
  • On the morning of the solstice, catch an English Heritage bus from the train station
  • Wrap up warm! It’ll be cold in the early hours!
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (42)

51. Explore the Roman Baths

The Roman Baths were built over the source of Bath’s hot springs around 2,000 years ago. To this day, 1 million litres of water flows into the baths each day. Unfortunately, however, it’s no longer possible to actually bathe in them for safety reasons. You can visit the modern-day alternative just around the corner, though. Thermae is a luxurious spa with a beautiful thermal bath on the rooftop.

There’s a surprising amount to see at the Baths, as it was also used as a sacred site dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva. The attraction is divided into four main areas:

  1. Sacred Spring
  2. Roman Temple
  3. Roman Baths
  4. The Museum displaying Roman artefacts, such as coins and statues
Top Tips for Visiting the Roman Baths:
  • Opening hours vary depending on season, so make sure to check online prior to visiting!
  • There’s no parking at the Baths but there’s plenty of spaces at nearby car park on Charlotte Street
  • Visit early or in the off peak season to avoid the crowds
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (43)

52. Try a Cream Tea in Devon (or Cornwall!)

A cream tea is a must for anyone’s UK bucket list. Not to be confused with the afternoon tea, which involves all sorts of patisseries and luxury teas, the cream tea is a much more robust and hearty affair.

This tradition has been alive and kicking since the 1800s and gets people surprisingly riled up. What (almost) everyone agrees on is the critical elements of the cream tea, namely: a high quality scone, strawberry jam, and cream of the clotted variety.

The order in which these should be used, however, is up for debate. The Cornish way requires the jam to be spread before the cream, whilst the Devonshire way involves the opposite. Either way you’re in for a treat because a cream tea is one of the most delicious traditions in the UK (it certainly beats Haggis!).

53. Marvel at the Eden Project

The Eden Project is one of the most unique experiences the UK has to offer. Built in a reclaimed clay pit, this attraction consists of a number of adjoining domes that emulate a natural biome. There are two main biomes; one that stimulates a rainforest environment, and the other a Mediterranean environment.

The first will make you feel as though you’re wandering around a tropical island, rather than Cornwall. There’s a canopy walk, a waterfall, and bunches of bananas hanging from the trees. There’s even a baobab bar!

The second emulates the climates of South Africa, California, and Western Australia, with a citrus grove, aloe vera, and a golden mosaic pathway.

There are a number of other sculptures, gardens, and activities available at the Eden Project, including the longest and fasted zipline in England!

Top Tips for Visiting the Eden Project
  • Bring a water bottle – there are plenty of taps on site to fill up at
  • Book online for fast track entry
  • Prepare for varied climates and dress appropriately!
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (44)

54. Celebrate the Arts at Glastonbury Festival

Without a doubt, the biggest music festival in the UK, Glastonbury is high on most people’s UK bucket lists. In fact, 200,000 flock to this five day festival each year. Inspired by the ethos of hippie and counterculture movements, the festival celebrates the contemporary performing arts. Alongside big headline music artists, you’ll find dance, cabaret, comedy, and theatre.

Some of the biggest names in the world have played on Glastonbuy’s stages, including Beyonce, David Bowie, Adele, Oasis, and Stormzy.

Top Tips for Visiting Glastonbury
  • Bring your wellies!
  • Spend time exploring to come across some hidden gems
  • Take a solar charger to keep your phone topped up during the weekend
  • Clean up after yourself! Don’t leave anything behind and respect your environment!

55. Learn to Surf in Cornwall

There’s no better place to learn to surf than in the country’s surfing capital – Newquay! This seaside town is a popular destination for beginners and pros alike with a plethora of beautiful beaches and surf schools that make it the ultimate place to catch a wave.

Best Surf Beaches in Newquay:
  • Towen Beach
  • Perranporth
  • Watergate Bay
  • Fistral Beach
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (45)

56. Step into a Film Set at Laco*ck Village

Just outside The Cotswolds, not far from the beautiful city of Bath is the village of Laco*ck. This tiny little place looks as though time forgot about it. With its wattle and daub houses, sweet shops, and adorable honesty boxes, one could easily be forgiven for thinking they’d travelled back a few years.

The understated beauty of this quaint village not only makes it a popular tourist spot, but also a highly sought-after filming location. Most famously it was used for multiple Harry Potter films, as well as Cranford, Downton Abbey, and The Other Boleyn Girl.

Harry Potter Filming Locations in Laco*ck:
  • Harry Potter’s parents house in the Philosopher’s Stone can be found at the end of the road next to the church
  • Horace Slughorn’s home can be found at number 8 on this map
  • Laco*ck Abbey was used for filming the Hogwarts cloisters, as well as Snape and Professor Quirrel’s clasrooms
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (46)

57. Try a Cornish Pasty

A Cornish pasty is another must-try UK food. This neatly packaged meal consists of a baked pastry filled with meat and vegetables. It’s folded into a semicircle and the edges are crimped to form a seal that makes the pasty easy to hold and eat with your hands.

The traditional Cornish pasty has had protected geographical indication status in Europe since 2011 and accounts for 6% of the Cornish food economy! It’s filled with beef, diced potato, swede, and onion. However, over the years many places have become creative with their pasties. Nowadays you can find all sorts of flavours – from vegetable curry to pork and apple!

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (47)

58. See Some Epic Street Art in Bristol

Bristol has to be the street art capital of the UK. Home to Upfest, the biggest street art festival in the UK, and Banksy, the most famous street artist in the world, it’s the place to be if you want to learn more about this epic phenomenon.

One of the best ways to find some cool examples of street art in Bristol is to jump on a street art tour. I’d recommend doing a guided tour, as you’ll find out so much more about the artists and the culture of street art. If you’re a little strapped for cash, however, you can definitely do a self-guided tour. There are a number of different ones written by fellow bloggers – all you need to do is a quick google search!

Best Places to Find Street Art in Bristol:
  • Area around Nelson Street – you can find Banksy’s Hanging Man on College Green
  • St. Werburgh’s
  • Bedminster
  • Stokes Croft
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (48)

59. Sun It Up on the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago just 30 miles off the Cornish coast consisting of 5 inhabited islands. The beaches are beautiful with glistening white sands and deep turquoise waters. In fact, on the perfect sunny day, you could absolutely be forgiven for thinking you’d waken up somewhere in the Caribbean.

It’s the perfect summer time UK destination and has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor activities – from kayaking to hiking to cycling.

Reaching this idyllic spot is incredibly easy – it’s just a short plane ride away from Newquay or Exeter.

Top Tips for Visiting the Isles of Scilly:
  • Hire a bike to get around quickly on the pedestrianised roads
  • Watch the incredible sunsets from the beach
  • Enjoy some amazing seafood

60. Go Wild Camping on Dartmoor

Dartmoor National park is a vast area of moorland in Devon. Here you’ll find Bronze Age stone circles, Neolithic tombs, and a prison that’s been in use since the Napoleonic Wars!

Dartmoor is one of the only places in England where wild camping is legal, so why not make the most of this and go on your own mini outdoor adventure? You could plan a route through the national park with plenty of walks to appreciate the beautiful nature you’ll find there. There’s definitely something exciting about going completely off-grid in the wilderness!

Top Tips for Wild Camping on Dartmoor:
  • You must pitch at least 100 metres away from the road
  • Invest in a high quality tent and sleeping bag to keep you warm!
  • Make sure to take a first aid kit with you
  • Consider taking a solar charger to keep your phone charged in case of emergencies!
  • Don’t leave any trace – make sure to pick up all of your rubbish!
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (49)

61. Visit the Tidal Island of St. Michael’s Mount

St. Michael’s Mount is a tidal island linked to the town of Marazion by a man-made causeway. A castle sits atop of the hill with all sorts of treasures hidden inside, including a piece of Napoleon’s coat worn at the Battle of Waterloo, a Samurai Warrior from the Emperor of Japan, and even a mummified cat!

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (50)

62. Walk Hadrians Wall

Or at least a section of it.

Built by Roman Soldiers in 122 AD, Hadrian’s Wall was used to demarcate the Northern edge of the Roman Empire. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 84 mile trail brings in visitors from all over the world. On route, you’ll find the remains of ancient forts and towns, as well as Roman artefacts, and incredible views of the green landscape.

There are over 20 spots to explore, the most popular being Housesteads Roman Fort, Chesters Roman Fort, Corbridge Roman Town, and Birdoswald Roman Fort.

The trail takes between 5-10 days for most walkers, although it obviously depends on your own personal pace!

Top Tips for Visiting Hadrian’s Wall
  • Use a luggage transportation service such as Hadrian’s Haul if you don’t fancy carrying your belongings with you
  • Walk west to east for optimal weather conditions
  • Make sure to book in advance if you want to visit the the Roman Forts
  • Invest in some quality walking shoes – I highly recommend the Merrell Moab 2 Walking Shoes
  • Check out this book by Mark Richards, which tells you everything you need to know about walking Hadrian’s Wall

63. Have Afternoon Tea at Betty’s Tea Room

Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate (affectionately known as simply Bettys) is somewhat of an institution in Yorkshire. Founded in 1886, the tea rooms are highly traditional serving a mixture of Yorkshire and Swiss patisseries and cakes.

Founded by a Swiss confectionary chef, the tea rooms provided authentic, home made treats that quickly garnered them a loyal fan based. There are now 6 different tea rooms, two of which are in York and one in Harrogate. Each one has a traditional, old-fashioned feel, from the crockery to the servers’ uniforms.

Bear in mind that Bettys is almost always busy, so be prepared to join a long queue or arrive early to beat the crowds!

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (51)

64. Take a Stroll Down the Shambles

The Shambles in York is one of the best-preserved medieval shopping streets in the world! The road is incredibly narrow as many of the shops were once butchers. The narrow design meant that the meat was kept out of direct sunlight.

Nowadays it’s filled with quirky cafes and independent boutiques. You’ll find a lot of Harry Potter themed shops here, as tourists flock to the street for it’s Diagon Alley appearance!

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (52)

65. Take a Beatles Tour in Liverpool

Arguably one of the most famous groups of all time, the Beatles had humble beginnings in Liverpool before hitting it big time across the globe. Nowadays the city has become somewhat of a pilgrim site for fans, who can walk the same streets that their idols once did.

A number of companies offer guided tours of the all of the best Beatles spots in the city. This might be a good option if you’re keen to learn a lot, as the guides tend to be very knowledgeable. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, however, you can take a self-guided tour of the most iconic spots.

Iconic Beatles Spots in Liverpool:
  • Paul McCartney’s Childhood Home, 20 Forthlin Road
  • John Lennon’s Childhood Home, Mendips, 251 Menlove Avenue
  • St. Peter’s Church, Woolton – where John Lennon met Paul McCartney and where you’ll find Eleanor Rigby’s grave
  • The Cavern Club, Matthew Street – a replica of the original club where they used to perform
  • Penny Lane – the road from the eponymous song
  • Strawberry Field – another location that inspired one of their most famous songs
  • The Beatles Statue, Liverpool Waterfront
  • The Beatles Story, Albert Dock – a great museum
  • The Casbah Coffee Club – opened by Pete Best’s mum and where all the band members would hang out together
  • Ye Cracks Public House, Rice Street – one of John Lennon’s favourite pubs
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (53)

66. Hike the Highest Mountain in England

The Lake District is one of my all time favourite spots in the UK. With its impressive mountains and expansive lakes, it’s a truly breathtaking place and one you should definitely add to your UK bucket list.

It’s a region of the UK that’s famous for its natural beauty making it the perfect destination for hikers. Why not add Scafell Pike to your bucket list? As the tallest mountain in England, it’s not for the faint-hearted. But you’ll be rewarded with incredible views once you reach the top.

If that doesn’t appeal, don’t worry! There are plenty of shorter walks to enjoy, some of which I’ve linked in my Lake District Itinerary. The Lake District also has plenty more to offer, including paddle boarding, sailing, and ghyll scrambling!

I have a whole page on this blog dedicated to the Lake District with everything you need to know, including:

  • The Perfect Lake District Itinerary
  • 10 Things You NEED to Know Before Visiting the Lake District
  • Where to Stay in the Lake District
  • When to Visit the Lake District
  • Perfect Packing List for the Lake District
Top Tips for Visiting the Lake District:
  • Pack wisely: it rains a lot in the Lake District, so a good waterproof and high quality hiking boots are a must! I’ve written a whole post about what to pack for a trip to the Lake District
  • Avoid the Hardknott Pass: this single track road is the steepest one in England. It has amazing views but it’s also quite a terrifying drive, so avoid unless you’re a very experienced, confident driver, avoid it!
  • Don’t Rely on Your Phone:getting signal in the national park may be impossible at times. Make sure to take a physical map, compass, and a printed copy of any trail instructions!

67. Marvel at the Blackpool Illuminations

Each year, for a couple of months, Blackpool’s promenade lights up the sky with its bold and colourful illuminations. For six miles, you’ll find over 1 million glittering lights of all varieties putting on a fantastic (and completely free!) show.

You can visit the lights any night but if you really want to enjoy the festivities, make sure to be there for the opening night. ‘The Big Switch On’ involves a live concert and each year a celebrity is invited to turn on the light display. This takes place on the tower headland. You do need a ticket, however, so make sure to apply in advance!

Top Tips for Seeing the Blackpool Illuminations:
  • Visit mid-week to avoid heaving crowds
  • Wrap up warm – it can get very cold!
  • Walk rather than drive – you’ll be able to take things in better and sitting in the slow moving traffic really isn’t fun!
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (54)

68. See the Angel of the North

The Angel of the North has been spreading its wings since 1998 and has quickly become one of the most well-known pieces of public art in the UK. It’s believed to be the largest angel sculpture in the world. In fact, it’s 175 foot wingspan is bigger than a Boeing 757 jet, and it weighs a whopping 200 tonnes.

You can, of course, see it from the A1 motorway heading North but to get a real idea of just how large this statue is, you have to take a closer look. It’s situated in a lovely park, making it the perfect place to stop for a picnic.

The total cost of The Angel of the North was £800,000 and it was funded by the National Lottery!

69. Step Back in Time at Beamish Living Museum

Beamish is the North’s answer to the Black Country Museum. This incredible, open air museum tells the story of life in the North East of England during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s. One of the best things about it is that you’re able to see the progression over time and how things changed.

Start your day in the 1820s and:

  • Ride a steam train
  • Learn about herbs and vegetables in the gardens

Move into the 1900s and:

  • Visit the bakery and garage
  • Have a pint in the inn
  • Learn about printing at the newspaper headquarters
  • Eat at the tea rooms
  • Play at the fairground
  • Learn something new in the school rooms

Finish up in 1940 and:

  • Visit an evacuees cottage
  • Visit the land girls’ orchard
  • Have some old school British food (anyone for spam?!)
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (55)

70. Explore Tudor Chester

Chester is a beautiful old city filled with authentic Tudor buildings. If you’re looking for a pretty place with plenty to see and do, then you have to add Chester to your UK bucket list. Here are some of the best things to do in Chester:

  • Walk the city walls – they run for two miles around the city, passing towers along the way
  • Visit the beautiful Eastgate Clock – built to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee and is the 2nd most photographed clock in England (only beaten by Big Ben!)
  • See Britian’s largest Roman ampitheatre
  • Climb the imposing Cathedral and take in the stunning stained glass windows
  • Go shopping in the rows – a beautiful old-school shopping mall with layers of independent shops, big brand names, and restaurants

71. Chase Waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales

Waterfalls probably aren’t the first thing you think of when it comes to Yorkshire but there’s actually a whole trail dedicated to them! The Ingleton Waterfalls Trail in the West Edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park follows a 4.5 mile circular route.

Along the way you’ll find some cute little toadstool sculptures, as well as a tree full of coins. It was considered lucky to hammer a coin into the tree and you’ll now find it completely covered. And of course, you’ll stumble upon a whole host of amazing waterfalls – the most impressive being Thornton Force and Snow Falls. The route has a real fairytale feel to it and is definitely worth a visit.

Top Tips for the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail:
  • No need for a map as the walk is well sign-posted
  • Wear appropriate footwear – I’d recommend these walking boots
  • Parking is free but limited so arrive early if possible!
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (56)

72. Eat Fish and Chips in Whitby

Trying fish and chips is a must for any UK Bucket List. And if you’re going to do it anywhere, you might as well do it in Whitby. This seaside town in North Yorkshire is renowned for its incredible fresh seafood. Make sure to add some mushy peas for the full experience.

Best Fish and Chips in Whitby:
  • Hadley’s Fish and Chips
  • Abbey Wharf
  • Trenchers
  • The Magpie Cafe
  • Silver Street Fisheries
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (57)

73. Visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

TheEdinburgh Fringe Festivalis theworld’s biggest art festival.Every year the city is filled with various shows and performances for 3 weeks. There are over300 different venuesregistered for the festival and more than55,00 performances!

It’s a major event in the UK calendar and manyfamous faces got their big breakas a result of the Edinburgh fringe. Here are a few names you might recognise:

  • Alan Rickman
  • Miranda Hart
  • Rachel Weisz
  • Robin Williams
  • Phoebe Waller Bridge
  • Book accommodation early:hotels and hostels get booked up quickly!
  • Trust word of mouth:chat to other Fringe-goers about what they’ve seen and whether they’d recommend it!
  • Plan ahead:with so many different acts, it pays to plan ahead a bit and get a rough idea of what you’d like to see
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74. Celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh

Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year’s Eve and there’s no better place to celebrate it than in Edinburgh. The city’s Hogmanay festival lasts for 3 days and includes dancing, concerts, fireworks, and an absolutely huge street party. The celebrations start on the 30th December and culminate in a morning dunk in the river on the 1st January to ring in the new year.

There’s something for everyone, so whether you’re looking for a wild party with your friends, or a wholesome festive season without your family, Edinburgh has you covered. If you’re going with children, make sure to book appropriate events – some will specify that they are for adults only!

Top Tips for Celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh:
  • Book early – hotels and events get booked up quickly!
  • Dress up warm – Scotland is very cold at this time of year and most of the events are outdoors
  • Visit the Christmas market – it’s still open around Hogmanay so visit for some mulled wine and delicious food!
  • Watch the torchlight parade through the city on the 30th December to kickstart celebrations
  • Sing Auld Lang Syne with the crowds – this is a poem written by Scottish writer Robert Burns that has now become a popular New Year’s Eve song set to music
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75. Ride the Hogwarts Express

The Jacobite Train in Scotland is often likened to the Hogwarts Express. This is likely due to the look of it, with its vibrant red carriages, as well as the fact that it crosses the 21 arched Glenfinnan viaduct. This monumental bridge was made famous by the Harry Potter films and is particularly recognisable in The Chamber of Secrets when Harry and Ron are flying the car in an attempt to find the Hogwarts Express.

This 84 mile round trip encompasses some of Scotland’s greatest natural beauties. You’ll start the the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis, and passes through the deepest freshwater loch in Scotland.

Top Tips for Riding the Jacobite Train:
  • Pay the extra for first class – it’s a much more special experience as the standard class resembles your average train carriage. For an extra £20 (£69 total), I personally think it’s worth spending a little more
  • Book your tickets in advance as it can be a popular journey
  • If you’re feeling really fancy, book to have a cream tea on the train
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76. Climb the Tallest Mountain in the UK

No UK bucket list adventure would be complete without climbing the tallest mountain in the UK – Ben Nevis. In the north west Highlands, near the town of Fort William, lies this monumental feat. 1,345 metres above sea level, the climb generally takes anywhere between 7-9 hours and can be incredibly gruelling, so training is crucial! Hikers generally set off at 9am to leave themselves enough time to get there and back in the daylight.

It’s important to remember that it’s not only the climb up that can be tricky but also the way down! Many walkers struggle with the steep descent.

If you’re looking for some adventure in the UK and a real challenge, there’s no better thing to add to your bucket list!

Top Tips for Climbing Ben Nevis:
  • Invest in a good quality pair of walking shoes – I personally recommend these Merrell ones!
  • Plan carefully – certain times of year will require an ice axe!
  • Pack a water bottle and plenty of food
  • Take a guide – this will ensure your safety on the mountain as weather conditions can change without warning

77. Walk Lands End to John O Groats

If you really want to see the UK up close and personal, why not walk (or cycle!) the length of the UK? This 3 month (or thereabouts) ramble starts at Lands End in Cornwall. With no specific trail or route, it’s up to each individual to decide on their own path, giving you plenty of flexibility to visit the towns and cities that interest you the most! You’ll end this mighty walk at John O Groats, at the tip of Scotland.

Whilst it’s certainly an unorthodox way to see the country, it also promises for a great adventure. Most people choose to cycle the route as it takes significantly less time but others have also walked or even run (!!) the route!

Things You’ll Need to Walk Lands End to John O Groats:
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78. See the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye

No UK bucket list would be complete without the beautiful Isle of Skye. This Scottish Island is the ultimate escape into nature with its glens, pools, and lochs.

The best way to explore is by car, as this gives you the flexibility to explore things at your own pace. This is really easily done, as the island is helpfully linked to mainland Scotland by a bridge. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not hire a camper van?

The Isle of Skye is probably most well known for its fairy pools and glens. The fairy pools are just 15 minutes away from Carbost. I’d highly recommend arriving early however, particularly during peak season, as this is one of the most popular attractions in Scotland and can get busy quickly.

79. Dive for Wrecked Ships in the Orkney Islands

Orkney is an archipelago made up of 70 islands off the north coast of Scotland. The two main towns are Kirkwall and Stromness, although there’s plenty to see besides these. It’s a great location for those who enjoy walking, with plenty of rugged coastline to be enjoyed during your stay.

One of the most popular spots is Scapa Flow – a section of the sea where 74 First World War German ships were intentionally sunk by their own commander. The wreck still lies at the bottom and it’s not an extremely popular dive site due to its historical significance.

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80. Discover the Beauty of Glen Coe

Glen Coe is a beautiful village in the Scottish Highlands. It’s particularly well known for its waterfalls, excellent hiking trails, and varied wildlife.

The village is famous for its dark history, despite its stunning scenery. In February of 1692, 38 people from the MacDonald clan were murdered by the government soldiers that they’d welcomed into their homes. Some managed to escape to the hills but eventually died from the cold.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (63)

81. Go Skiing at Cairngorms

You don’t need to go as far as France or Austria to hit the slopes. Cairngorms National Park offers you the opportunity right here in the UK.

Cairngorm Mountain is the best known spot for winter sports due to its variety of terrains. However, The Lecht is particularly good for families and beginners with its easy nursery slopes. You’ll also find a great park here for those wanting to practice their skills.

If you’re a more advanced skier, make sure to check out Glenshee. This is the largest ski area in Scotland and houses a black run called the Tiger. This area also has fantastic views across the national park.

If skiing isn’t really your thing, then why not try the mountain tubing slide? Either way, you have to add this beautiful national park to your UK bucket list.

82. Play a Round of Golf on Old Course

The Old Course at St Andrews (also known as the Old Lady or the Grand Old Lady) is considered to be the home of golf. The sport was first played here in the early 15th century until the game was banned by James II – he thought young men should be practising archery instead of playing golf! The ban was later lifted by James IV.

Despite it’s grandeur and fame, Old Course remains a public golf course, meaning anyone can play on it! This makes it even easier to tick off your UK bucket list! It has 112 bunkers, each of which are individually named. The two most famous are the ‘Hell Bunker’ and the ‘Road Bunker’ – so make sure to look out for them as you play!

Other Things to Do in St. Andrews
  • St. Andrew’s Castle
  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral
  • St. Andrew’s Aquarium

83. Road Trip the North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 is 516 mile circular, scenic route that takes your around the north coast of Scotland. It has to be the best road trip route in the UK and absolutely needs to be on your UK bucket list. The breath-taking highlands become your playground as you roll past mountains, beaches, castles, and caves.

If you’re going to do one thing on this UK bucket list, let it be this.

There’s not enough space here to even begin to describe all of the things you can see and do on the North Coast 500 but here’s just a few of the epic things you can be expecting:

  • Sea Kayaking on the Summer Isles
  • Sunbathing on golden beaches
  • The Luxurious Ackergill Castle
  • The Incredible Ardvreck Castle Ruins
  • Watch jumping salmon at the Falls of Shin
  • Spot otters at Toscaig
  • See dolphins at Chanory Point

84. Try Some Traditional Scottish Delicacies

Scotland has some seriously weird and wonderful foods that are totally unique to the country and no trip would be complete without giving some a go. The most famous of these delicacies is, of course, haggis – a dish traditionally made from ‘sheep’s pluck’ (liver, heart, and lungs) mixed with oatmeal, suet and seasoning, all packed up into some sheep’s intestines. Did someone say yum?

If that doesn’t float your boat, then why not try one of these:

  • Whiskey
  • Shortbread
  • Neeps and tatties (also known as turnips and potatoes)
  • Black pudding
  • Deep fried battered mars bar
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85. Go on a Bookshop Crawl in Hay-on-Wye

At the tip of the Brecon Beacons in Wales, lies the idyllic town of Hay on Wye. This little place has to be the most bookish destination in the UK. In fact, it calls itself the World’s First Book Town.

It’s home to the Hay Festival, a literary festival taking place over 10 days at the end of May that draws authors and readers alike to the small Welsh town. The spot has quickly become a book lovers haven with independent bookshops springing up all over the place.

As someone who loves the feeling of stumbling across a well-curated indie bookshop, Hay-on-Wye speaks my language. At Richard Booth’s Bookshop you’ll find three whole floors of books (it’s the largest second-hand bookstore in Europe). The Poetry Bookshop sells second-hand poetry, whilst Murder & Mayhem is dedicated to detective fiction and crime. The pink walls of Rose’s Books is full of delightful children’s fiction.

Other Things to Do in Hay-on-Wye
  • Go hiking in the Wye Valley
  • Visit the Hay Festival
  • Go kayaking on the River Wye
  • Visit nearby Llanthony Priory
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86. Explore an Italian Town in Wales

Yep, you read that right. Nestled near Snowdonia National Park in Wales is a beautiful Italian town. Portmerion was the work of architect Sir Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis, who bough the land in 1925 and set about creating a vibrant and whacky village. Inspired by the the Italian village of Portofino, Williams-Ellis worked on creating a place that emulated a similar beauty.

The whole of Portmeirion is Grade II listed and it’s intense colour brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to its streets each year.

Don’t forget your camera – you’ll want to photograph everything!

87. Ride the World’s Fastest Zipline

Who knew that the world’s fastest zipline could be found in Wales? This 1,115 metre zipline allows 4 people to ride at any one time and can generate speeds of over 100mph!

Penrhyn Slate Quarry, in North Wales, is home to Zip World Velocity 2. Here you’ll fly over the quarry and a beautiful lake below at immense speed, allowing you to take in the beautiful views during your adrenaline kick.

The company ‘zip world’ has a few locations across Wales. Most notably their Fforest location includes an epic forest coaster, where you can zoom through the trees at speed.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (66)

88. Explore the UK’s Smallest City

To be completely honest, I very nearly didn’t feature this on the UK bucket list, and that’s because it’s such a gem that I almost didn’t want to share it! That’s how you know it’s good!

St. David’s is the smallest city in the UK thanks to it’s gorgeous (and absolutely huge!) Cathedral. It’s a truly beautiful place to visit in Wales. Nestled on the coast with plenty of lovely independent cafes and restaurants, it offers the perfect seaside getaway. I was totally blown away by how blue the water was and I cannot recommend it enough!

89. Go Hiking in Snowdonia

You can’t tick Wales of your UK bucket list without visiting Snowdonia. Stretching over 800 miles, Snowdonia is Wales’ first national park. It’s filled with stunning scenery, clear lakes, large mountains, and epic views.

An absolute must-do when visiting Snowdonia is going to the stop of Mount Snowdon. It takes about 3-4 hours to climb up, so you’ll need to take the whole day to go both ways. If you don’t fancy the walk however, you can make use of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. This will take you to the top of the mountain, where you’ll find incredible views overlooking the whole National Park.

Tips for Hiking Mount Snowdon
  • Invest in some quality walking bootsthese are the ones that I use
  • Waterproofs are a must in Wales
  • Bring plenty of food and water to keep you going
  • Follow the Llanberis path – this is the most popular path to the summit as it’s easy to follow

90. Uncover the History of Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle is an impressive fortress located in the North of Wales. It was originally built by Edward I, between 1283 and 1289. This cost a total of £15,000, which would have been a huge sum of money at the time. It later played a role in several wars but has now become a popular tourist site due to its interesting history.

The Caslte is somewhat of a ruin now but that almost adds to the fun. It’s absolutely huge, so make sure to pencil in a few hours to get a good look at everything on offer!

You can book your tickets in advance at the official website.

91. Tour the Smallest House in Great Britain

This weird and wonderful little gem in Wales makes the perfect addition to any UK bucket list. Nestled amongst a terrace of houses in Conwy, you’ll find the smallest house in Great Britain. It’s bright red, so hard to miss, and with a £1 entrance fee, curiosity is bound to get the better of you.

The house is just 72 inches wide and 122 inches high. It was occupied until 1990. In fact, the last person to live there was 6 foot 3 fisherman!

The house is open generally every day between 10am and 6pm but check the website for more details.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (67)

92. Ride the Great Orme Tramway

The Great Orme Tramway is Britain’s only furnicular, or cable-hauled, tramway that travels on public roads. It climbs through the Great Orme Country Park and Nature Reserve for a mile, before reaching Great Orme’s summit. The tram has been used for over 100 years and is still going strong today. The experience of rolling through the green hills in a tram cart is quite a surreal one and you’ll be rewarded with great views at the top!

93. Ride a Forest Coaster

In Betws-Y-Coed, you’ll find the only Alpine Coaster of its kind in the UK. Like a toboggan on rails, it runs through the heart of the Welsh forest (120 acres to be exact), ascending 300 metres before weaving through the tall trees at 25mph. This is without a doubt one of the funnest ways to explore Wales.

At the same Zip World location, you’ll find a few other adventure activities that might take your fancy:

  • Zipline
  • Skyride Swing
  • Treetop Climb
  • Plummet Experience

94. Try to Pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantsysiliogogogoch

Okay so maybe this isn’t an absolute must for your UK bucket list but it’s definitely a fun thing to say you’ve done! The original name of the town is Llanfairpwllgwyngyll (which is fairly long in and of itself!) but rumour has it that the name was lengthened as a publicity stunt to attract more tourists in the mid 1800s. It now holds the title of village with the longest name in Europe, and the second longest name in the world!

If you do decide to visit, head to the train station to get a shot of the full place name!

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (68)

95. Experience the Magic of Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is made up of around 40,000 black basalt columns that erupt out of the sea. These natural formations make for an incredibly dramatic sight on the Irish coast and are a must for any UK travel bucket list. This is nature at its best!

Wondering why it’s called Giant’s Causeway?

The spot gained its name from an Irish myth. The ancient Irish people created a fable surrounding the causeway about two rival giants, one named Fionn and the other Benandonner. One lived on the Irish Coast, the other on the Scottish coast. Benandonner constructed a bridge to cross the sea. This ’causeway’ was then used by the giants to challenge one another.

Spots to Lookout For:
  • Grand Causeway – the largest section of rock in the Causeway
  • Giant’s Boot – at Port Noffer, you’ll find Fionn’s giant lost boot, as he fled from Benandonner
  • The Wishing Chair – a natural throne formed by a set of basalt columns, the perfect photo opportunity!
  • The Camel – legend has it that the camel once belonged to Fionn. He was turned to stone and now lies alone at the bottom of the cliffs
Top Tips for Visiting Giant’s Causeway:
  • Opt for the Red Trail for the best views
  • Dress for the cold – the Atlantic Ocean winds get chilly!
  • Opt out of the Visitor’s Centre and Exhibition to visit the Giant’s Causeway for free!
  • Wear comfortable shoes, I recommend the Merrell Moab 2 Walking Shoes

96. Walk Derry’s City Walls

Built between 1613 and 1619 to defend against England and Scotland, Derry City Walls are the largest ancient monument in Northern Ireland. They’re also one of the best examples of a walled cities in Europe. You can now walk the walls and get a look at the city from above, whilst taking a look at the numerous canyons along the way.

When in Derry, why not take a tour of the city. It was a focal point for the Troubles meaning the city was heavily militarised during the 1970s. Tour guides can take you through the tumultuous history of the city and explain monumental moments such as the Battle of Bogside 1969, and the Bloody Sunday Massacre of January 1972.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (69)

97. Uncover the Truth of the Titanic at the Belfast Museum

Many don’t know that the Titanic was actually built in the city of Belfast! The museum explores the tragic story of this iconic ship through 9 interactive galleries.

Hope on the shipyard ride – a mini rollercoaster that takes you around a replica of the Titanic’s rudder. Explore the different levels of the ship in the Fit-Out Gallery and learn about the tragic events that caused her downfall. This is the perfect place to find out the reality behind the Kate and Leo blockbuster.

Other Things to do in Belfast:
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (70)

98. Cross the Rope Bridge at Carrick a Rede

Constructed of wood planks and wires and suspended 100 feet in the air, the Carrick a Rede rope bridge connects Ireland with the small fishing island of Carrick a Rede. Once upon a time the bridge had only one handrail and plenty of gaps. Nowadays, it’s owned by the National Trust and much safer.

It still takes some gall to walk across the swinging bridge with the raging sea below you though! You’ll be rewarded with excellent views.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (71)

99. Be Transported by the Dark Hedges

You might recognise this spooky scene from Game of Thrones. However, the Dark Hedges were originally created by the Stuart Family in the 18th century to impress visitors as they approached Gracehill House. The trees have now created an eerie tunnel that certainly looks like it belongs in another realm!

The Hedges are located in County Antrim, only an hour or so from the city of Belfast. If you’re hoping to visit from Dublin, it’ll take you closer to 3 hours. If you’re driving, there’s a large free visitors car park that’s clearly signposted. From here it’s just a couple of minutes walk to the tunnel.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (72)

100. Visit Dunluce Castle

The last item on this UK bucket list is another Irish spot that you might recognise from your television screen. Most recently it’s been used as the House of Greyjoy on the Game of Thrones, although it’s also been a filming location for numerous other films and television shows.

Dunluce Castle has stood on the rocky coast of Northern Ireland since the 16th century. It’s had a number of historically famous inhabitants, including the McQuillan family and the MacDonnell family.

The castle is now in ruins but it’s still possible to take a tour around the place and imagine what it might have looked like in years gone by. In fact, there’s something quite romantic about the dilapidated stones standing out against the Irish coastline.

100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (73)
100 Epic UK Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try in 2022 - Emma Kate Hall (2024)


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