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posted by Michelle Gothon May 26, 2022

Looking for an easy parsnips recipe? This list of side dish recipes has some of my favorite ways to enjoy earthy parsnips!

With easy recipes like bacon parsnip fries, mashed carrots and parsnips, healthy vegetable stir fry with beans and so many more, these recipes are a great way to sneak in some earthy flavor.

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First, let’s talk about parsnips. Parsnips are root vegetables that look like a big carrot, but are typically white in color. But, don’t mistake them for white carrots! They have their own flavor, and are much less sweet in flavor.

Parsnips are considered a winter root vegetable and their season runs from late fall to spring and are a wonderful addition to a comforting winter meal.

Come summer, parsnips can be difficult to find at the grocery store!

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Most of these recipes make a tasty side dish. Check out the list below for (mostly) healthy parsnip recipes!

Looking for an easy parsnips recipe? This list has some of my favorite ways to enjoy earthy parsnips!

15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (3)

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Bacon Parsnip Fries

Bacon Parsnip Fries are a great alternative to potato fries. They're baked on a baking sheet, not fried, and taste so good with crispy little bits of bacon! A great gluten-free side dish idea.

15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (4)

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Roasted Parsnip Salad

Warm and tender roasted parsnips, crunchy apple, and crispy pancetta all tossed together with some arugula dressed lightly in olive oil and lemon. This is a great side salad for pork, chicken, or steak!

15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (5)

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Roasted Honey and Mustard Parsnips

These sweet and tangy oven roasted parsnips are sure to tickle your taste buds. Roast parsnip is the perfect side dish for any roast dinner, and are sure to be the star of the show. Add some flavor to your table with these honey and mustard parsnips.

15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (6)

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Mashed Carrot and Parsnip Recipe

Get some delicious veggies on your table with this tasty mashed carrot and parsnip recipe. Simple to make and seasoned with thyme, this creamy and rich root vegetable side dish is a true favorite and can easily be made into a vegetarian recipe.

These Garlic Turmeric Crispy Parsnip Fries are the perfect “fry” shape and sprinkled with cheese and herbs. An easy parsnip recipe for the whole family and a quick side to any meal.

15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (8)

Photo Credit:littlesunnykitchen.com

Creamy Parsnip Puree Recipe

Parsnip Puree is a creamy, sweet, and nutty side dish that goes well with everything! This easy recipe is similar to mashed potatoes, but with an extra flavor kick that makes these mashed parsnips a more sophisticated choice.

15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (9)

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Healthy Vegetable Stir Fry With Beans

Healthy wok recipes like this stir fry vegetable recipe is refreshing and nutritious. It has kale, carrots, beans, and more. This plant based dish is absolutely delicious as well with amazing flavor combinations which makes eating healthy vegan foods easy and enjoyable!

The trick to making a salad that tastes good is to add fresh ingredients that will keep your taste buds excited! So, if you are looking for lunch ideas or healthy dinner ideas, this Roasted Vegetable Salad With Balsamic Reduction makes healthy food taste awesome. I love to pair this one with my Blackberry Pork Tenderloin.

15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (11)

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Roasted Root Vegetables with Honey-Dijon Drizzle

Oven-roasting adds so much depth of flavor to sweet carrots, nutty parsnips and fluffy red potatoes … plus those yummy, toasty brown edges! Fantastic on their own – and even more addictive with a little Honey-Dijon Drizzle to bring all the flavors together! I love serving this one with roast chicken!

    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (12)

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    Air Fryer Parsnips

    Healthy eating is made easy with this recipe! Tender and crispy, they are seasoned with garlic and onion for a side dish that is perfect for any occasion.

    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (13)

    Photo Credit:theveganlarder.com

    Mustard Roasted Parsnips and Chestnuts

    These roasted parsnips make the ultimate cozy side for a hearty winter meal or dinner party. The chestnuts add a festive touch too for holiday dinners!

    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (14)

    Photo Credit:rachelsteenland.com

    Roasted Parsnips and Carrots with Maple Glaze

    With this effortless recipe, oven-roasted carrots and parsnips transform into sweet, caramelized delights with the help of maple syrup. Add this easy, comforting side to any hot meal!

    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (15)

    Photo Credit:www.spendwithpennies.com

    Mashed Turnips and Parsnips

    Root vegetables always make for healthy and hearty side dishes. The parsnip mash is complemented by turnips and tart green apple to make a great nutty flavor! This complex and flavorful side dish will level up any holiday table!

    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (16)

    Photo Credit:lbhealthandlifestyle.com

    Vegan Hash With Sprouted Lentils

    This great side dish is a vegan hash made with a range of vegetables, sprouted lentils and activated walnuts is a quick and easy nutrient dense side dish, made in 25 minutes. It’s gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free and oil free.

    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (17)

    Photo Credit:thelazyslowcooker.com

    Lazy Slow Cooker Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

    Easy crockpot broccoli-cheddar soup is a delicious classic. This creamy soup is a great accompaniment for a lighter entrée such as a sandwich or a salad and a great way to enjoy your root veggies.

    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (18)

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    published on May 26, 2022

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    15 Easy Parsnip Side Dish Recipes (2024)


    What pairs well with parsnips? ›

    The flavor of parsnips pairs well with other root vegetables, like beets, sweet potatoes, and carrots. They're also delicious with cauliflower, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Don't be afraid to roast these parsnips with other veggies of choice for a fiber-rich, delicious side dish.

    What is the best way to use parsnips? ›

    Parsnips are a classic ingredient in some chicken broths and soups, and can also be baked, sauteed, steamed, mashed or pureed, roasted, used in stews and fried. The parsnip is a root vegetable related to both carrots and parsley (and, come to think of it, don't the tops of carrots look a lot like parsley?).

    Should you peel parsnips? ›

    How to prepare parsnips. Young, small parsnips don't really need peeling – just scrub clean and serve whole. Older parsnips should be peeled very thinly with a peeler or sharp knife, then chopped into evenly sized chunks. If the central core is very fibrous, this should be cut away.

    Why do parsnips upset my stomach? ›

    Parsnips often contain a group of natural toxins called furocoumarins. These are probably produced to protect the plant when it has been stressed. The toxin is mostly found in the peel and the surface layer of the plant, as well as around any damaged areas. One of the toxins can cause stomach ache.

    How many parsnips per person for dinner? ›

    How much veg is too much? Whether it's parsnips, sprouts, braised cabbage or carrots, 80g of each per person will do the trick.

    When should you not eat a parsnip? ›

    Store in the refrigerator in an unsealed bag for 3+ weeks. If a raw parsnip becomes soft and squishy, this is a sign of rot and it should no longer be eaten. For better flavor, cook the parsnip with the skin on—after cooking, you have the option to eat the skin or not!

    What do parsnips do for your body? ›

    Acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Helps regulate blood pressure. As a source of vitamin C, parsnips are an immune-defence, helping to fight off infection. May increase levels of serotonin, the brain's feel-good chemical.

    Do you peel parsnips before cooking? ›

    To prepare: Very small parsnips don't need peeling, just wash them and top and tail. Medium to large parsnips should be peeled and chopped into even-sized chunks, halves or quarters. To cook: Cook in boiling salted water for 15-20 minutes until tender.

    Are parsnips better for you than potatoes? ›

    What sets parsnips apart is their low-calorie content and high fiber, making them an excellent alternative to starchy vegetables like potatoes. In fact, for two centuries, parsnips were the primary source of dietary starch in the US before potatoes took over. But there's more to parsnips than just nutrition.

    How do you take the bitterness out of parsnips? ›

    Thick parsnips tend to have bitter, woody cores. Cut them in half length-wise and cut out the core if this is the case. Parsnips taste best during the winter months. They're sweeter when exposed to cold, so keep them in a bag in the fridge.

    How do you cook Gordon Ramsay parsnips? ›

    Heat the olive oil in a large sauté pan, then add the carrots and parsnips and toss to coat in the oil. Add the thyme, cinnamon, star anise and some seasoning. Cook over a medium heat for 15-20 minutes, turning the vegetables frequently, until golden brown and almost cooked through.

    Should you eat the core of a parsnip? ›

    Coring is optional — and largely down to personal preference and the toughness of the core. Whilst some parsnips have a tender, more edible core, others are fibrous, woody and a bit chewy. If in doubt, cut the parsnip into quarters lengthways and remove the core if looks and feels dense.

    Can you eat raw parsnip? ›

    Yes, you can eat parsnips raw. In fact, they make a delightful alternative to raw carrot sticks for dunking into homemade houmous. Raw grated parsnip is also a tasty addition to salads. Just make sure you wash your parsnips well before chopping them and slice off any bits of skin that might look bruised or blackened.

    Will parsnips cross with carrots? ›

    parsnips cannot cross with carrots or Queen Anne's Lace – Sustainable Market Farming.

    What do parsnips taste similar to? ›

    Parsnips have a sweeter, licorice-like taste with a hint of spice to them, as opposed to the carrot's sweetness that is more reminiscent of other types of winter squash. Turnips are another root vegetable that is often compared to parsnips, but the two are from completely different families.

    Are parsnips more like potatoes or carrots? ›

    Parsnips may look like white carrots, and both vegetables are part of the parsley family, but the lighter colored, usually larger tubers are often treated more like potatoes due to their starchier texture.


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